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Radio Controlled Hobbies

We carry E-Flite radio controlled products.  Some of these include Trucks, Boats, Helicopters and Airplanes.  Start a new adventure and have fun like you've never had before.
WE  SELL THE PHOENIX R/C 4 FLIGHT SIMULATOR WHICH YOU CAN FLY  HELICOPTERS  &  PLANES OF YOUR CHOICE IN OUR STORE,  Retails  $ 250.00   Sale 179.95.   Give us a call or better yet come in and visit.  We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

Our Products Include:

RC HELICOPTER  comes with charger,transmitter, the helicopter & instructions.  BRAND NEW $29.95


Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro HelicopterBlade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter

The Blade® CX2 takes the excitement and beginner-friendly flight stability of the original Blade CX and adds Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM® radio control that lets you fly anywhere, anytime without ever having to worry about interference. It’s the first ready-to-fly RC aircraft of any kind to come with this extraordinary technology built in. In addition, the 4-in-1 control unit has been updated with improved gyro and tail control that gives the Blade CX2 even better tail response while minimizing drift. Two feather-light S60 Super Sub-Micro servos provide powerful, precise cyclic control. Topping it all off is an aggressive new body design that looks fantastic in flight and is unlike anything else out there.

When it comes to micro heli fun everyone can enjoy, you simply can’t beat the value and performance of the Blade CX2.

Main Rotor Diameter: 13.6 in (345mm)
Gross Weight: 8.0 oz (227 g) with battery
Length: 16.42 in (417mm)
Motor Size: 180 (2 installed)
Control System: 2.4GHz DSM 5-channel (included), 4-in-1 receiver/mixer/ESC/gyro (installed), S60 Super Sub-Micro servos (2 installed)

Model # EFLH1250

Retail Price $249.95
Sale Price   $179.95

Blade mCX RTFBlade mCX RTF

The Blade® mCX is an ultra micro-sized version of the Blade CX/CX2, offering first-time pilots the ability to learn how to fly with ease and experienced heli pilots the ability to fly anytime, anywhere indoors. The Blade mCX offers unsurpassed stability and incredible control through the coaxial, counter-rotating head design and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ control. And, thanks to its rotor span of just 7.5 inches and one-ounce flying weight, the Blade mCX can be flown indoors almost anywhere—from an office to a small bedroom or living room.

The Blade mCX comes 100% factory-assembled, flight-tested and ready to fly right out of the box—no assembly or setup required. Included in the box is the Li-Po battery and convenient AA battery-powered DC Li-Po charger, 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology, and 8 AA batteries (4 for the transmitter, 4 for the charger). The DSM2 technology offers freedom from frequency restrictions and allows the Blade mCX to be flown anywhere, anytime indoors with precise 4-channel control.

When it comes to ultra-micro™ heli fun everyone can enjoy, you simply can’t beat the value and performance of the Blade mCX. It’s just another way E-flite is advancing electric flight.

Type: Ultra Micro Coaxial Helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 7.5 in (190mm)
Gross Weight: 1.0 oz (28 g) with battery
Length: 7.9 in (200mm); Height: 4.7 in (120mm)
Motor Size: Micro Coreless (2 installed)
Experience Level: No Experience Necessary
Recommended Environment: Indoor
Is Assembly Required: No

Model # EFLH2200

Retail Price $169.99
Sale Price   $79.95

Firebird Commander 2 RTF ElectricFirebird Commander 2 RTF Electric

Nothing as exciting as Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) has happened to entry-level radio-controlled planes since HobbyZone was introduced.

Now, you can take advantage of this technological development by purchasing a Firebird Commander® 2. This plane comes with everything that you need to teach yourself how to fly, including a battery pack for the plane, batteries for the transmitter, and an instructional video and manual. All of this, including the revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology, makes a price of less than $100 seem like a steal. And, with the ability to shut ACT off, it’s like you get two planes in one. You can learn to fly with ACT engaged, and then shut it off to fly more aggressively and to use X-Port™ modules, such as the Aerial Drop Module.

Wingspan: 40.0 in/1020mm
Overall Length: 30.5 in/770mm
Flying Weight: 17 oz/480 g
Motor Size: 380 Power
Radio: FM 2-channel proportional
Trim Scheme Colors: White/blue/black
Recommended Battery: 6-cell 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH (included)
Approx. Assembly Time: 2 minutes, and 40 minutes or less to charge the battery
Transmitter Range: 2500 ft
Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27MHz
X-Port: Yes
Anti-Crash Technology: Yes
Charger: AC wall charger with timer and LED
Landing Gear: Yes
Steering: Proportional

Model # HBZ2600

Retail Price $110.00
Sale Price   $99.95

Aerobird 3 RTF ElectricAerobird 3 RTF Electric

The Aerobird® 3 is the third plane in the renowned Zone 2 Aerobird series and it’s the best one yet. The most significant improvement is the addition of the ZX10 radio system with 3-wire servos for more precise control and faster response, not to mention the addition of a soft rubber nose to help with shock absorption and durable, steel-wire pushrods for more precise and consistent control.

Aerobird 3 is the perfect plane for your customers with a little bit of flying experience under their belt looking to advance their skills and move into aerobatics. The Aerobird 3 makes it so easy to perform aerobatics like loops, stall turns and tail slides that your customers will be doing them right out of the box. Thousands have experienced the thrill of performing aerobatics with an Aerobird® and now you can too with the Aerobird 3. The Aerobird 3 makes it so easy to perform loops, stall turns and tail slides that you’ll be doing them right out of the box. And the ZX10 3-channel radio system ensures precise control for unsurpassed maneuverability.

The Aerobird 3 also comes equipped with HobbyZone’s exclusive X-Port™ technology so you expand your experience with thrilling Plug-N-Play® accessories like the Sonic Combat Module™ or Aerial Drop Module™.

Wingspan: 42 in (1065mm)
Overall Length: 31 in (790mm)
Flying Weight: 17 oz (480 g)
Motor Size: 380 motor
Radio: 3-channel FM proportional ZX10
Servos: 3-wire servos
Recommended Battery: 7-cell 8.4V 1000mAh Ni-MH (HBZ1013)
X-Port: Yes

Model # HBZ3600

Retail Price $150.00
Sale Price   $59.00   last one

Mini Super Cub RTFMini Super Cub RTF

Equipped with the safety and security of HobbyZone’s exclusive Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™), the Mini Super Cub ensures smooth and steady flying right from the start. This smaller version of the HobbyZone classic Super Cub offers true scale-flying thrills with 3-channel control, making it a perfect introduction to the world of RC flight. Anti-Crash Technology™ utilizes optical sensors and software that constantly monitor the Mini Super Cub’s position. If your Mini Super Cub enters a dangerous dive, the software reacts quickly to help prevent a crash while allowing you to regain control. ACT also gives you two ways to fly – engaged or disengaged. When it’s on, the computer automatically analyzes your Mini Super Cub’s flight path to keep it from experiencing precarious drops. After mastering the basics with ACT on, press the control stick on the transmitter (even while in flight) to turn it off. When it’s disengaged, the plane is capable of more advanced maneuvers, like loops, rolls and spins.

HobbyZone’s Mini Super Cub makes it safe, simple and fun for almost anyone to learn the basics of RC flight. By combining throttle, steering and pitch controls with Anti-Crash Technology and an instantly recognizable scale design, it is the ideal choice for starting your RC adventure. Everything you need to begin is right here in the box, meaning you are only minutes away from a truly authentic flight experience you’ll never forget.

Wingspan: 31.75 in (806 mm)
Overall Length: 21.5 in (546 mm)
Flying Weight: 7 oz (200 g)
Motor Size: 180 power
Radio: Proportional 3-channel FM with ACT
Trim Scheme Colors: White with red and black trim
CG (center of gravity): 1-3/8 in behind the leading edge of the wing (35-37mm)
Prop Size: 7 x 3.5
Recommended Battery: 2-cell 7.4V 300mAh Li-Po
Approx. Flying Duration: 5-8 minutes
Approx. Assembly Time: 5 minutes
Transmitter Range: 1300 ft (400 m)
Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27MHz
X-Port: No
Anti-Crash Technology: Yes
Charger: 12V DC 2-cell Li-Po balancing charger with AC adapter
Pitch: Yes
Landing Gear: Yes
Steering: Yes
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: No Experience Necessary
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes

Model # HBZ4800

Retail Price $150.00    Sale Price $ 99.95

Super Cub RTF ElectricSuper Cub RTF Electric

Anybody can have a good time flying the new Super Cub RTF.  It comes right out of the box with everything you need included...even batteries for the transmitter.  The Super Cub is equipped with  3-channel control that helps provide a true-scale flying experience.  Throttle, steering and pitch controls allow you to learn the basics of RC flight, safely and simply, while still having a great time flying.  Meanwhile, the instantly recognizable scale Cub design makes you feel as though you're flying a full-size pleasure plane.  In addition, the Super Cub comes with all of the features you expect from HobbyZone, including X-Port™ expandability.  Its durable Z-Foam™ construction makes the Super Cub incredibly strong and easy to repair, and its unique trim scheme makes it look great in the sky and in your hands.

The latest breakthrough in RC flight, Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) makes teaching yourself to fly easier and safer than ever before. With ACT, anyone can fly.

Here’s how it works:

Two sensors on the Super Cub, one on the top and one on the bottom of the fuselage, monitor the position of the plane in relation to the ground. When the plane is flying level, the top sensor sees the sky, while the bottom sees the ground, and they tell the onboard computer that the plane is flying correctly. If the plane enters a dive and the sensors detect that the plane’s orientation is incorrect, the system will automatically correct the control inputs and help prevent the plane from crashing, allowing you time to regain control. ACT lets you fly without worry. And once you’ve gained experience with your Super Cub, you can turn ACT off for more complete control and increased maneuverability.

Wingspan: 47.75 in (1200mm)
Overall Length: 32.5 in (825mm)
Flying Weight: 26 oz (715 g)
Motor Size: 480 Power
Radio: 3-channel proportional FM
Trim Scheme Colors: White, red, and black
Prop Size: 10 x 8 (PKZ1005)
Speed Control : Power FET proportional ESC/receiver
Recommended Battery: 8.4V 1000mAh Ni-MH (stock)
Elevator: Proportional
Rudder: Proportional
Throttle: Proportional
Approx. Flying Duration: 10–15 minutes
Gear Ratio: 3:1
Transmitter Range: 2500 ft
Available Frequencies: 6 channels on 27MHz
X-Port: yes
Anti-Crash Technology: yes
Charger: Variable rate 1.2A DC peak with LED and 3-hour AC Delta Peak with LED
Landing Gear: Front landing gear (foam wheels) and steerable tail wheel

Model # HBZ7400
Retail Price $250.00

Sale Price $199.95

Vapor RTFVapor RTF

Remarkable DSM2™ radio technology makes the ready-to-fly Ultra-Micro™ Vapor® a plane just about anyone can pilot with confidence. As ParkZone’s slowest and lightest fixed-wing aircraft, it can be flown almost anywhere – a living room, a basement, even a conference room at work. Incredibly compact and loaded with all of RC’s best innovations, the Vapor offers a one-of-a-kind indoor experience, while the DSM2 radio eliminates any risk of interference and allows you to fly multiple planes at the same time. No matter what your skill level is (even if you have never flown RC before), it will be an entertaining and easy-to-fly option during those times when you can’t make it out to a park or flying field.

The DSM2 transmitter, charger and batteries are all included inside the box, making it easy to get the Vapor off the ground. The Vapor is the second member of ParkZone’s tremendous Ultra-Micro family of aircraft. Its carbon fiber composition represents the ultimate in lightweight design, helping it deliver the best in flight quality, value and, most importantly, fun. Its single-cell Li-Po battery charges in approximately 20 minutes and gives you extended flight times of nearly 15 minutes, while 3-channel control provides the precision needed for flying in those tight spaces indoors. Featuring the state-of-the-art looks and instant enjoyment people love about ParkZone’s products, the Vapor will be a stylish and unique addition to your fleet, or the perfect introduction to the world of RC flight.

Wingspan: 14.75 in (375mm)
Overall Length: 15.25 in (387mm)
Flying Weight: 0.5 oz (15 g)
Radio: 3-channel 2.4GHz w/Spektrum DSM2 technology (included)
CG (center of gravity): Approximately 28–30mm behind the front of the fuselage for the initial flights, with the front of the battery tray positioned at approximately 10–12mm behind the front wing mount
Recommended Battery: 3.7V 70mAh Li-Po battery (included)
Charger: DC single-cell for Li-Po batteries
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Indoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: No

Model # PKZ3300

Retail Price $180.00
Sale Price $54.00

1/18 Mini-T Stadium Truck RTR1/18 Mini-T Stadium Truck RTR

The Mini-T offers entry-level buyers the ability to buy a hobby-quality product at a toy-store price point. Not only does the Mini-T offer incredible performance in such a small package, but each and every spare and replacement part is available at very reasonable prices. The incredible variety of option parts keeps customers returning to your store for the latest performance upgrade or customizing option part.

Reports from dealers around the country have indicated that the Mini-T is truly a great first step into RC vehicles, and that many customers are stepping up into traditional 1/10 cars and trucks after first experiencing RC cars with the Mini-T.

The Losi Mini-T RTR is a full-featured, 1/18-scale off-road truck that you can race just about anywhere. Its chassis is inspired by the championship-winning XXX-T and boasts "big truck" features like an extended travel, long-arm suspension, digital proportional radio system with adjustable rate steering, as well as an electronic speed control with reverse. Best of all, the Mini-T is completely ready to run and includes a painted body with stickers already applied. Just drop four AA alkaline batteries into the truck and eight into the transmitter, and you're off.

Length: 8.6 in (218mm)
Width: 7 in (178mm)
Wheelbase: 5.6 in (142mm)
Chassis: Molded composite
Suspension: Independent front and rear A-arm
Drive Train: Gear-driven transmission with slipper clutch
Tire Type: Rubber ribbed tread w/ foam inserts (front), rubber mini-pin tread w/ foam inserts (rear)
Motor or Engine: RS-280 type
Radio: Pistol grip digital proportional with servo reverse and dual steering rate (27MHz)

Model # LOSB0200

Retail Price $200.00
Sale Price $99.95

1/18 Mini-Desert Truck RTR1/18 Mini-Desert Truck RTR

Losi’s 1/18-scale Mini-Desert Truck RTR offers a variety of performance-packed features for enhanced running both on-road and off-road. Such features include ball bearing equipped transmission, an adjustable slipper clutch, oil-filled shocks, a Mini-280 motor and a full featured radio system. Combine these features with its versatile size, and you can take the excitement of desert racing anywhere with the Mini-Desert Truck.

The installed Mini-280 motor provides ample torque for rough, off-road terrain as well as impressive straight-line speed when running on smooth surfaces. The Mini-Desert Truck utilizes industry standard 3-wire electronics for easy setup and compatibility or customizing. The Mini-Desert Truck includes a powerful 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack and wall charger and can also accommodate 2-cell LiPos.

The included Losi 27MHz radio system is available in 6 different channels, allowing multiple trucks to run at the same time. It offers features like dual rate, servo reversing and trim adjustments often only found on more expensive radios.

In addition to the fully detailed desert truck body, true-to-life roll bars, molded tubular bumpers and a skid plate add to the Mini-Desert Truck’s realistic appearance. Mini all-terrain tires mounted on chrome desert truck wheels allow you to take the Mini-Desert Truck to the streets or the dirt.

Type: Ready-To-Run, Electric Off-Road Truck
Scale: 1/18
Length: 9.875 in (250.83mm)
Width: 7 in (177.8mm)
Wheelbase: 6.44 in (163.58mm)
Weight: 1.24 lb (0.532 kg)
Chassis: Molded Composite
Suspension: 4-Wheel Independent
Drive Train: 2WD with Gear Differential and Slipper Clutch
Tire Type: All-Terrain Truck
Motor or Engine: Mini-280 Electric
Speed Control: Losi MRX-R14 with Forward and Reverse
Radio: Losi 27MHz AM System
Servos: 3-Wire Digital
Batteries: 7.2V (4 x 2) Battery Pack (vehicle) and 8 AA Dry Cells (transmitter)
Charger: AC Wall Charger Included
Shock Type: Composite coil-over, oil-filled
Body: Custom Painted and Stickered
Ball Bearings: Complete Transmission

Model # LOSB0202

Retail Price $240.00
Sale Price $129.95

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